installed blosxom on

From previously being just installed on my notebook (debian testing), I've now managed to install blosxom on (debian woody). This was quite a hassle. First, there was no blosxom backport for woody available on the net (what a shame). Second, rebuilding the blosxom .deb on woody didn't seem to be as easy as usual due to some strange interaction with fakeroot+gpg. Didn't solve the problem, but rather built the package as root.

After that, I had to discover that the blosxom 'isp' plugin doesn't work quite well with debian suEXEC enabled apache. The problem is that ~laforge/weblog is outside of the documentRoot and thus suEXEC refuses to execute /usr/lib/cgi-bin/blosxom. The only kludge I could manage to do is to copy blosxom into somewhere below ~laforge/public_html in order to make suEXEC happy. As I want to move to static pre-built html files anyway, I didn't bother to find a real solution to the problem.

Now I'm thinking about the integration. Since the new homepage is built with docbook-website, a good choice would be something like a 'docbook-xml' flavour for blosxom. Need to think more about this.