Bought three interesting books

During my stay in NYC went to the NYU computer bookstore, just for browsing, not looking for anything in particular. In the end, I spent more than 150 bucks on three books:

  • Telecommunications Technologies Reference (ISBN 1-58705-036-6)
  • This makes an excellent reading for somebody with an Internet background who wants to learn about the general architecture of modern telephone systems, SS7, frame relay, ATM, SONET/SDH, ISDN BRI/PRI protocol layers, encodings, multiplexing, ...
  • 802.11 Wireless LAN Fundamentals (ISBN 1-58705-077-3)
  • A comprehensive guide on the 802.11 standards, ranging from MAC to PHY layer, advancing to encoding and modulation techniques used. It also covers roaming, Mobile IP, WPA, WEP, 802.1x. A good read for those who want to learn more about the 802.11 family.
  • Practical VoIP
  • A book about the VOCAL implementation of SIP/SDP user agent/proxy/gateway functionality, with solutions to interconnect with H.323 and MGCP. Also includes introductions to the respective protocols, however after having read the SIP relevant RFC's I had skipped that part.