The netfilter/iptables project is looking for a hardware donation

The project's mail/web/ftp/cvs/list/... servers are highly loaded, and as usual the load always increases. We're getting more list members, more downloads and more page views every month. However, our current hardware is not growing by itself. Thus, we need to buy a new machine soon.

All of the current (and past) hardware was bought from my personal wallet. While I could afford this in the past, I would very much like to see one of our corporate netfilter/iptables users step up and show his support for netfilter/iptables by donating a new machine. This would be an ideal opportunity to show the development community that you are not just using free software, but also putting in your part to make it work.

We have very specific needs with regard to the hardware we use: It has to be a 1U system, and non-x86. This basically leaves us with Sun UltrSPARC based systems, and the Apple XServe line. Both options would cost about EUR 3500 to 3800.

If you are interested in sponsoring such a system, please contact Harald to discuss the details. Thanks in advance.