Ordered two external Firewire Cases, both broken

Sometimes you really have to wonder what kind of stuff one of .de's largest computer suppliers is selling. I ordered two external cases, both of them broken. The 2.5" is about 1mm too small for my hard drive. The 5.25" comes with screws that are too short, and the electronics are completely broken. As soon as it is attached to a bus, all other devices will vanish, too.

Which brings me to another issue: Why are there no external SCSI cases with built-in firewire bridge? I mean, the IDE ones you can buy everywhere have to do something like IDE -> SCSI -> SBP2 -> Firewire. So they already include a SCSI layer, at least to some degree. I have tons of SCSI devices that I would then be able to connect to my notebook and other machines.

Also, why are there no four or eight devices external firewire towers? Something where you can put all your CD/DVD/whatever drives into and connect them to any of your machines. Now I have to buy one case per device, which each has their own power supply, ...