Incomplete Source Releases

Apparently some of the companies upon whom we've put legal pressure for GPL compliance still don't comply. That is sad, and we won't tolerate this behaviour. The sources need to contain the tool for creating the firmware image, and they need to compile ;)

Fujitsu-Siemens and Sitecom are still lacking the firmware build tool. We're threatening Fujitsu-Siemens with enforcing the contract penalty set forth in our out-of-court settlement. Sitecom is threatened with enforcing the penalty stated in the preliminary injunction.

I don't do this for fun, and I would feel much better if I hadn't to threaten anybody with anything. Apparently even under such threat, those companies find themselves unable to comply with the GPL. Why can't they just make everybody happy and release those missing pieces.... *sigh*

I've heard rumors that Belkin and Asus sources don't compile. As my time is very limited (esp. considered the large number of cases): Please report to me if you have problems with the respective source releases. I am very happy to act on your behalf. After all, I'm doing this mostly for you users. There aren't any valuable modifications in those firmware sources that I need to integrate... all I want to achieve is enabling the users/customers of those WLAN-AP's to be able to exert their GPL-granted right to modify the firmware and to run modified versions of the firmware.