The big move...

Well, it's been quiet on this weblog for quite some time. The reason is that about everything related to my move (within Berlin, Germany) became way more complicated.

As an example, it took two of the largest German Telcos (Telekom and Arcor) four days and five technicians to determine that they accidentally switched two wires in my basement - causing a total phone (ISDN) and DSL blackout.

Anyway, stuff is getting settled. I now have VLAN-tagged 1000base-TX Ethernet to the servers in my basement, most of the furniture is set up again, and I even have light in almost all rooms. There seems to be some further debugging on the electrical installations necessary in the living room, though.

If you sent me email during the last couple of weeks and didn't receive a reply so far: sorry. I'm totally overloaded :(