Day one of the Kernel Summit

So this was day one of the famous kernel summit. Apart from meeting lots of friends, this basically meant lots of in-depth technical discussions on various subjects.

Most noticeable were long discussions about the deficiencies of the power management API, problems with 3-level-page tables on AMD64, and last but not least: The first-hand technical information from AMD, Intel and IBM on their upcoming CPU generations.

My personal favourite (AMD) will be shipping dual core (not hyper-threading, but two real cores) CPU's by mid 2005. They share the same Hyper-transport and Memory interface, and therefore have to divide I/O Bandwidth between them.

Also had some interesting discussions with Jamal about netfilter performance and the future l3 generalized connection tracking (called nf_conntrack). Maybe I can talk him into attending the netfilter workshop for further discussion of his ideas.