Database Design + Content for GPL-Violations

In order to keep track about the gpl violations that I am encountering myself or that are reported by fellow users, I really need some semi-automatic system to keep track of this.

Being a RDBMS geek in my former life, I designed a SQL-based data model to cope with the individual objects such as vendors, products, product-firmware-versions, violations, settlements, compensations, comments, documents, contracts, ...

It all turned out to be more complex than I thought initially. But I think it was really worth the effort.

This database is for strictly internal use, since there is a lot of confidential information in there. However, according flags indicating the public/private nature of the data records are included in the data model. At some later point I might extract the public information to create some web pages at

It's main target is to allow me keep track with what's going on, and also keep track about what has been verified where, if for new upcoming firmware images the source code was made available, if the source was complete, ...

I've already filled in lots of the existing data I have, but it's far from being complete. This needs some more time of filling in data records.

And yes, I built some simple forms using GNU Enterprise Designer and Forms. It's still in 0.x stage, but usable for easy tasks.