Adding NAPI support to the sungem.c Ethernet driver

Yesterday I implemented NAPI support for the sungem.c driver. This was done because I was annoyed by the fact the my notebook (Apple Powerbook with on-board Gigabit Ethernet) could still be killed by a machine running pktgen and flooding it with some 700 kpps.

After submitting the patch, David Miller pointed out that he has added NAPI support to sungem.c to the bitkeeper tree about four days ago :( So I spend a number of hours in duplicating work that was already there... not that I didn't have other stuff to do.

Well, at least I learned a bit more about Linux NIC drivers..

I'm now facing the task of implementing NAPI for the natsemi.c driver, which is used in the PC Engines boards that I've been using recently as embedded Routers / Firewalls.