Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2005

this was probably one of my shortest conference visits ever. I took the train to arrive about three hours before my talk, and left two hours after it. It's a pity that I had to skip the social event, but I really don't have any leftover time at the moment.

The presentation went quite fine, though I now remember all the items that I wanted to add, but forgot during the presentation. Too many strange questions interfering throughout the talk.

Anyway, I almost forgot how nice CLT was. Apart from their very professional organization (they even send you paper printed city maps via snail mail!), their speaker care-taking is extraordinarily. I haven't been to any other event that provides free food for speakers throughout the day - ranging from freshly prepared sandwiches (no dull catering service)to pastries... at any given time in the speakers lounge.

So now I'm sitting in the train back from Chemnitz and am working on the Aftermath of Rusty's 'newnat2', hopefully the last rework of the conntrack/nat helper infrastructure.