Overwhelming Response to CeBIT

Since the CeBIT letter action, I've received a surprisingly big press coverage, ranging from heise.de over zdnet.co.uk, zdnet.com to news.com.

That press coverage, together with the slashdotting on Tuesday last week have triggered an enormous amount of feedback, mostly from individual users reporting a myriad more of alleged gpl violations.

I'm sad that the number really grows that fast, but on the other hand happy that we now have the chance to collect all this information.

Last, but not least, a number of people have volunteered to help the project, e.g. with it's public database interface, as well as homepage XSL corrections for full XHTML validation.

If you have sent me mail regarding GPL violations and didn't receive a response so far, please be patient, I'm just not through all of them yet. Give me another week, thanks.