OpenCT support for Omnikey CardMan 4000 and 5121

As indicated in one of my previous blog entries, I've managed to replace the obnoxious Omnikey binary-only i386 driver for CardMan 4000 (PCMCIA) with OpenCT and some glue code.

I've now managed to get the CardMan 5121 running with OpenCT, too - at least the contact based reader (it's a dual interface reader for RFID and contact based ICCs). This was even easier, there was only one minor bug in the OpenCT CCID implementation that prevented this.

The patch has been set to the OpenSC-devel mailing-list.

Whenever my time permits, I'll be hacking RFID support for the 5121, and a driver for the 4040 PCMCIA reader. With some luck, we'll soon see real Linux (i.e. free software) support for all their devices.