Trying to get new AMD64 notebook working

I'm trying to get all hardware in the Targa MT632 notebook working, and am running into serious problems with both audio and cardbus.

The Audio (atiixp and a realtek AC97 codec) is detected and initialized fine, you can see the DMA proceed while playing. You can even adjust all the buttons and levers of the mixer - but still there is no single bit of sound (or even noise) at the speakers.

I've tried to play with some of the ac97 quirks, but they also failed.

So after some two hours twiddling with various bits of the alsa driver, I'm at the end. I'll try to file a detailed bug-report with the ALSA developers, maybe they have some idea...

As for Cardbus, the PCI code fails to detect a device behind the cardbus bridge. If you plug in a card, the respective event is received and processed. cb_alloc() then (indirectly) calls pci_scan_single_device(), which aborts because of vendor id 0xffffffff :(. PCMCIA (16-bit) is working, though. but who wants slow 16bit ISA compatibility cards these days?