pptp-conntrack-nat for 2.6.11 and 2.6.12.x ready

I've finished the port of pptp-conntrack-nat to the new 'rustynat' infrastructure of the 2.6.11 (and 2.6.12.x) kernels.

The frequent reader of this blog will have noticed my prior post. Despite being just a minor kernel release, the conntrack/nat core got some recent re-work which made porting of non-trivial helpers quite complex.

I've tested plain conntrack and SNAT/MASQUERADE so far. DNAT remains untested for now, but should work. It's not as common so I deferred testing and potential debugging - esp. since I'm going to be travelling again by tomorrow.

Thanks again to the cool guys from NetBoxBlue for funding this work. That made it a lot easier to put this in the top section of my TODO list.