nf_conntrack now merged into local branch of netfilter-2.6.14.git

I've committed the last version of nf_conntrack, the layer-3-independent connection tracking code to my netfilter-2.6.14.git tree. It's a local branch called "nf_conntrack".

Yasuyuki and me have been working to port the latest mainline ip_conntrack changes to nf_conntrack. Now the tree should now be fully in sync with ip_conntrack of the same net-2.6.14 tree (this means that it supports CONNTRACK_ACCT and has it's own conntrack-event-api).

Major pieces that are missing from nf_conntrack are:

  • IPv4 NAT for nf_conntrack
  • nf_conntrack_netlink (aka ctnetlink for nf_conntrack)
  • support for ip(6)tables 'state', 'conntrack' and other matches
  • Finally, ct_sync