Update on the netfilter work

Ok, we've seen a terrible amount of bug-fixes going into the net-2.6.14 tree after my new nfnetlink/nfnetlink_log/nfnetlink_queue/... stuff was merged. It is my belief that we've now covered most of it.

As of now, I'm not planning to make any other big netfilter-related patch submissions. So nf_conntrack will probably have to wait for 2.6.15, especially since there are still a number of ip_conntrack/nf_conntrack compatibility issues to be resolved.

Lately I've been working on the userspace side. At least libnfnetlink_log and the libipulog compat API are finished now. libnfnetlink_queue is getting there, and the 'big' missing part is the libipq compat API.

So now I'm heading for some work on ulogd2, libnfnetlink_conntrack and the virtual Ethernet device (vdev) code. And if I still have some time left, there's exciting non-netfilter stuff like my RFID stack.