Migrating many services to their new home

Ever since my first contact with the internet in 1994, my personal homepage and later (since 2000) the gnumonks.org project have been connected to the Intenet via KNF, a volunteer-based non-for-profit in southern Germany.

Initially I had a 33.6kbps leased line, in 1999 or 2000 that 33.6 line to my home was replaced with a 2MBit SDSL line to my (then new) office.

Meanwhile, I had moved to Brasil in 2001, came back to southern Germany 2002 and moved to Berlin in 2003. I sold all equipment in that office to a friend of mine, under the provision that the leased line and my systems may remain there indefinitely.

Sine recently 2MBit has become a not particularly high bandwith, I've always hosted larger projects such as netfilter.org at a hosting centre.

During the last week I migrated many of the services to either my Berlin office or that hosting centre. The services include important bits such as DNS primaries, so if you have any trouble contacting {gnumonks,gpl-violations,gpl-devices,librfid,openmrtd,dunkelromantk}.org, please let me know.

As of now, only this blog, ftp.gnumonks.org and two mailinglists are still behind that SDSL line. I intend to move those services during the next couple of days. At the end of November, I'm planning to pick up the by then totally yunused equipment.

Big thanks to KNF and TowerSoft for providing connectivity and housing for many of my machines over the last decade. It's time to say goodbye.