Stuck in Seville

Iberia decided to reschedule my flight without informing me, even though that change was executed more than one month ago. They claim to have informed my travel agent. Not surprisingly, my travel agent claims never to have received such information.

This means that I'm stuck for one more day in Seville, since the next flight is only leaving at 7am tomorrow morning. Since Iberia claims it was not their fault, they're also not willing to cover any accommodation expenses.

Pablo Neira was friendly enough to invite me to stay at his place for the extra night, which means I don't have to fight with Iberia and the travel agent for any expenses.

Unfortunately I was scheduled to travel to Hamburg tomorrow, so I have to alter my train reservation and somehow make sure I'll still be in Hamburg at Linux Kongress for my tutorial.

I'm starting to get sick of those travel irregularities. This means I'm again back to my (old) plan of cutting down the number of conferences next year.