Massive Response to OpenEZX announcement

When I launched the OpenEZX page two days ago, I didn't expect such a massive (press) response to it.

All I did was to write a small announcement to my weblog, and it was picked up by a lot of press, such as and

Looks like this blog is read by a lot of people, and there's nothing I can't post here that doesn't get immediately distributed to a lot of places. Amazing ;)

Also, I've even received multiple requests for EZX-based consulting. Apparently there are companies who're interested in a 'fully programmable GSM phone'.

On a side-note, even Bruce Perens has now bought an A780 since he thinks it's "fun to hack". David Miller is pondering to buy one after his holidays in Korea... Let's only hope that they will actually find some time to get work on the EZX phone done. It's vital to have some basic running code ASAP in order to get more people to hack on stuff like the user interface.

After two days of full-time EZX kernel hacking, I now have a compiling 2.6.14-rc4 based kernel that has already half of the EZX-specific drivers merged.

I didn't really test to flash that kernel to a phone yet, mostly because I currently don't have an original E680 firmware that I could flash into the device if anything goes wrong. Also, before trying ti flash the kernel, I'd preferably like to have JTAG running. I'll publish my kernel tree as soon as I have confirmed it actually boots on the device.

Unfortunately I also have real work to do, and today is a full-time day, the weekend will probably be spent with some more librfid hacking. Stay tuned for some more OpenEZX news next week.