Proud owner of a GSM BTS

Starting today, I'm the 'proud' owner of a Siemens BS-11 GSM BTS.

If anyone has documentation on

  • The polarity / signal / pin descriptions of the connectors
  • The Siemens vendor specific extensions to Abis (The GSM protocol between BTS and BSC)
  • Whatever other documentation/information on the BS-11
it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact me.

The whole purpose of this exercise is to do some [security] research in the GSM area, and to see whether it can be done to implement the BSC-side of Abis (and a minimum emulation of HLR, MSC, ..) in order to get a phone to talk to the BTS.

This is yet another of my many toy/pet projects, so please don't expect any even remotely useful code anytime soon. Chances are likely that this project won't go anyway due to lack of time.