ulogd-2.00beta1 release

Finally, there is a first public beta version of ulogd 2.x

If you use (and like) ulogd-1.x, you should definitely have a look at the 2.x release. Apart from packet-based logging, ulogd-2.x now also support flow-based logging. This means that you can just run this daemon (and a recent 2.6.14/2.6.15 kernel) to log per-connection meta data into text files, syslog, mysql, postgresql, or sqlite3 databases. If you enabled per-connection packet/byte counters in your kernel config, you even get flow-based accounting.

If you're interested, check it out at netfilter.org/projects/ulogd.

Bug-reports welcome. Don't ask for too much documentation at this time, rather contribute some :)