Wanted: Author and/or sources for EZX "qonsole" application

The original author of the KDE "Konsole" program, Lars Doelle, is actively looking for the Author and/or the source code of the "qonsole" program, a terminal program for the Motorola EZX platform that is apparently derived from GPL licensed Konsole.

Since the legal status of qonsole never was clear, I always refused to host it on any of the OpenEZX project resources. I didn't really know of any GPL violation going on, but had a somewhat strange feeling.

If any of you has information on where the qonsole program originates, please make sure to inform either Lars or me about it. We know by now that it appears to originate from some Chinese or Singapore mobile phone forums.

It's good to see more software authors of GPL licensed programs actually caring about enforcement of their license :) I sincerely hope this can be resolved and qonsole either distributed in gpl-compliant way, or a re-implementation be found/made.