Bavaria's best gothic/dark wave/industrial/ebm club "Top Act" about to close

I'm sad to hear that the best club "close" (50km) from my old home city is about to close at the end of the year. This is extremely sad, and I suppose it will have quite an impact on the subculture there.

I can only hope that I'll find some spare time for a goodbye visit in November or December this year. A night at Goettertanz or La Nuit Obscure has always been a deeply touching, emotional and aesthetic event. No other club anywhere else has ever managed to make me feel anywhere close to how I felt at Top Act back then. Excellent DJ's, great choice of music, the right kind of people, 18+ limit for admittance, and a gothic dress code(!). Call that elite, if you want - I'll tell you: The result was spectaculous. People would travel 150+ km every weekend to get there.

Good bye Top Act. Thanks to Thomas Manegold and his crew, thanks for hosting that many memorable events. Thanks to Kodachi (didn't forget you!) for first recommending that location to me.