Bollywood Musical in Berlin

Tonight I've been to Bollywood - The Show, a Bollywood musical that is touring through (I guess among other countries) Germany for the next couple of months.

It was truly amazing. First, there is the irony of playing a story that is remotely based on a true story - probably an idealized form of the story of the musicians and choreographer family behind this musical: The Merchant family. Secondly, the number of dancers is actually quite limited, so they need to danca and dance and dance for hours. What is usually done in many takes (with breaks) when shooting the song sequences of a Bollywood movie - those musical dancers have to do it all in one row. One some days even two shows on one day. What an amazing talent and stamina.

It's too sad to learn that such musicals can only exist in the west, since their cost of production is just too expensive for India, plus apparently the lack of a musical culture there.. quite strange, isn't it? I bet a lot of Indian Bollywood fans are definitely sad to lack the opportunity to see this (or another upcoming one, such as the Bharati).