QNTAL concert in Berlin

One of my favourite band for many years, QNTAL, have been playing tonight in Berlin. The concert was fantastic, and due to my recent high workload, I apparently actually missed their last album relase. They did very well with that latest release.

However, apparently day 15 of the tour (one concert every night) has already left quite some traces on Syrah's otherwise brilliant voice. It was still extremely good, but you could notice she's [again] having some problems :( What kind of torture must it be, to be an excellent singer with classical training, with a crystal clear voice - but then having chronical problems with your throat..

To my big surprise, the support band Unto Ashes was actually extremely good. I'm not saying this because I thought Unto Ashes was bad, but rather because support bands generally suck quite a lot. Maybe it's just me being unlucky, but this was actually the first concert with a great support band that I've been to.

All in all definitely a memorable evening. If it didn't eat that much productive time...