The new woman in my life: Sarah.

After more than half a year after my separation from Elisabeth, there is a new woman in my life, Sarah. The most amazing thing is, that I didn't actually have to look out / search for a new girlfriend, but she just happened to come into my life. There also wouldn't have been any other chance, since I actually have zero time to go out, and even less time to think about anything not related to paid or unpaid work.

She's intelligent, and probably the most geek-compatible type of woman you can imagine. Not that I would ever consider this an important factor (I'm not a typical geek either), but it definitely helps things a lot, if she just understands the way geeks talk, has lots of experience with geeks from previous relationships.

It's the kind of pleasant small surprises like learning that she's running Linux on her computer[s], and that she understands a lot about the net and the FOSS world, without having to start to explain your whole world from its very beginning. As indicated, those facts in themselves are not really important at all. But imagine: Everything else seems to match, and you get those details [right] in addition to the 'usual' partner compatibility :)

It's been a very intense three weeks, and I have to admit that I never happened to get to know somebody in that short period of time, at least not to that level. Actually, it makes you frightened a bit, if everything goes that fast... wondering whether this is real, whether it is sustainable.

Anyway, it has been extremely pleasant, and I'm very happy about that. I'll continue this "experiment", keeping up the pace of this relationship by taking her along to India for 2006 next week. Before meeting Sarah, I probably would never have considered such a step - taking somebody along a long distance trip, whom you barely know for a couple of weeks. But then, if you can hardly imagine being apart from her during that time, there's probably also a lot of egoistic reasons for taking her along, too ;)