I need a break: Debugging a driver for non-existent hardware

For the development of the OpenMoko system on the Neo1973 phone, we have two different development platforms, one is the phone prototype - the other being a generic S3C2410 development board. Obviously that generic board doesn't have all the phone specific bits on it - but it can interconnect to a GSM modem via DB9 serial port, providing a very close match to the actual product hardware.

For the better part of yesterday, I apparently forgot that this is not true for all the hardware devices. For hours and hours I tried to debug a problem with the power management unit (PMU) driver. The I2C core just didn't want to talk to it.

It is only today morning that I realize: The development board doesn't have this PMU. Doh! Obviously only the phone prototype has that PMU! For god's sake, it looks like I need a break (but can't afford one, time-line wise).

Now why am I 'broadcasting' this embarrassing notice in a blog? To demonstrate: We're all human beings, we all make - apparently stupid - mistakes from time to time.