SMC WSKP100 - A Linux-running WLAN Skype phone

As I have just discovered today, the SMC WSKP100 is actually running a 2.6.9 Linux kernel (from the H3 sources made available by TI) running on a TI OMAP1701.

I managed to sniff the serial console and thus obtain a boot log. It runs u-boot, linux-2.6.9 and busybox. This basically makes this the ideal target device for a Linux-based open WiFi phone. Who the hell is interested in all this proprietary skype? I want a WiFi phone that is open. One that can run clients for SIP, or even H.323. Oh and by the way, it should support WPA-EAP as well as transport-level encryption of the actual voice data...

Due to the 1.8V nature of the serial port, I could only receive but not transmit (my transmitter outputs some 3V and is therefore not suitable. Which brings me to another point: Could somebody please design an universal serial adaptor, with a comparator at the input, where the user can adjust the voltage level for low/high distinction? And with a small DAC or variable voltage source for the Tx side?