First two days of 23C3

I'm currently at the 23rd annual Chaos Communication Congress in my home town Berlin, Germany.

After having dropped out of my usual volunteer work in the Audio/Video recording team, I thought that this year would be slightly more relaxing. Then came the Sputnik system, which suddenly started to eat some of my time weeks and months before the congress, as well as the last couple days before the congress, during the build-up. In fact, given my many other projects, I was close to going crazy and thus dropped out of the project and disappeared completely from the congress for about one day. Sorry about that, but I just needed to relax and calm down.

After a very stressful 26th of December, the team actually managed to set the whole back-end and middleware system up on the first day of the event, and the 3D visualization was running by 4am of the second day.

Now I'm back to normal mode, present at the event almost all day, which I intend to do for the next two days, too.