An OpenMoko update

As the interested reader might have noticed, a couple of days ago, the OpenMoko project has officially announced a schedule for the upcoming months.

Behind the scenes, everybody is giving his best to be able to fulfill that schedule. Anybody who has been involved in a project of this size inevitably knows that there are many problems and bugs to be resolved.

Today, for example, I was happy to be able to play back MP3 (and politically correct: Ogg/Vorbis) files for the first time on the Neo1973 phone. Those speakers can really scream loud, I can tell you!

In my part of the project, the boot loader / kernel area, there are also many bugs to be fixed. The bugzilla indicates 11 blocker bugs and five major bugs in that key area of the project that need to be resolved. The quantity might seem low, but some of them are quite generic, such as some important mechanism not working yet.

By now, we've also come up with a quite complete list of names for the 'phase 0', i.e. those guys whom we will ship a free Neo1973 device on February 11 (actually 12, since 11th is a Sunday. Hey, we're working on Sundays, only the shipping company isn't *g*).

Oh, and yes. The is finally public. Even though there's not a lot of activity yet, expect way more in the next weeks, especially after mid-february, when we've put 50 phones into the wild :)