Federal "Express" - One month to get a customer account

Since sending hardware to Werner Almesberger in Argentina using DHL seems to be suboptimal, I decided to give FedEx a try. So I went to their web-site, and tried to register for a customer account / number.

What struck me first, is that they require you to enter both land-line AND mobile phone number. As if everyone had both these days. I know a lot of people who either only have land-line, or mobile. And obviously there are people like myself, who would never want FedEx to contact them via mobile at all.

Anyway. What I then got back was an automatic email (in German) indicating that the respective employee is "Out of Office till 21st of February", and that "e-mails to this address will not be processed during this time".

Whew, I thought. What kind of express. It takes only three weeks to get a customer number. Maybe I should resort to UPS next. *sigh*