Everyone is busy at OpenMoko

A number of people keep asking me what's going on with regard to openomko. I've even virtually stopped to update this blog quite some time ago. As much as I regret the lack of updates: Be assure they're just a sign of how busy everyone involved is.

I have, in fact, even cancelled my already-accepted paper and corresponding presentation at OLS this year :( I'm also not speaking at any other 'traditiona' event this year, not at Linuxtag, Linux-Kongress, CLUC, LTC, 0sec. Sorry, guys, maybe next year again.

I can't publicly state what's going on with regard to OpenMoko internally, but let me assure you: Good things are happening. We're working on a lot of internal changes that should enable us to approach the project with way more bandwidth.

The first couple of hundred GTA01Bv4 phnes have been produced by the FIC's mass production factory in mainland china. I'll personally do QA on 10% of those phones throughout the second week of June. We want to make sure we don't have any mishaps with our first customers, do we?

The first generation GTA02 prototypes have also showed up at FIC in Taiwan. More news on that at some later point :)