Personal reflection on the 24th annual Chaos Communication Congress

It's great to be at 24C3, the 24th incarnation of the Chaos Computer Clubs annual congress in Berlin.

In fact, this is my 10th anniversary at this congress, i.e. the first one I visited was 15C3. I ended up at 15C3 as somewhat of a coincidence by just following a fellow Linux hacker from the Linux User Group Nuernberg to whom I've since lost all contact.

What's actually worth mentioning is that this is the first CCC congress that I visit as a pure guest. I have no lecture, and I am not actively involved with any of the things I have been involved before, such as the video recording/streaming team or the Sputnik RFID location system.

Interestingly, I felt the first day much more tiring than usually, despite having slept more than in any of the previous years. Apparently the lack of constant adrenaline caused by last-minute-problem-solving has its impact..

The congress is a lot of fun, I've been talking to many old friends, colleagues and fellow hackers from all over the world, involved in all of the projects and/or companies that I've remotely had any contact throughout that ten year time period.

It's a very nice feeling. I doubt there is any other event or occasion where I would feel more at home than at this annual congress. This is my culture. This is where I belong. Here are people who understand, or rather: understood.