I don't work for Google - no matter what the rumors say

A number of people have recently independently approached me about rumours that I'm now working for Google/Android, after having left OpenMoko, Inc. in November 2007.

According to one source, some friend who visited Android was told by Android that I would be now working for them. There is no truth to this.

Please put an end to those rumours. I'm not working with or for either Google or Android. There also are no plans to do so, and there have never been any negotiations, aside from the usual Google headhunters that approach anyone visible in the FOSS world every so often - which I always decline, indicating that I am not interested in a dependent employment position, no matter for which company.

I will continue to be doing freelance contract work on projects that are interesting to me and within my fields of expertise. Should anyone chose to approach me with an interesting technical Android system-level and/or hardware related project, that would certainly potentially be interesting. But I'd look at it like any other inquiry.