First ASUS day of OpenTechSummit Taipei

As I might have indicated before, I have the pleasure of being invited to the OpenTechSummit 2008 in Taiwan. Two days ago, I was at the opening dinner. The problem of that dinner was the lack of attendees. There were loads of delicious (free, sponsored) food, but not even remotely enough people to eat it.

Today I had a bit of a problem finding the ASUS venue, since it was said to be at "exit 2" of the MRT station. Unfortunately it had two exits of that name, one on each side of the station :)

One presentation there I found particularly embarrassing was the one about the eePC SDK. First of all, I will ignore my thoughts about why you actually need such an SDK if it really is nothing more than a customized Debian Linux with Eclipse. But even then, why fly in a foreing speaker to do a click-by-click walk-thhrough on how to create a 'hell world' Qt program using eclipse?

My favourite of the day was definitely the presentation on the OpenPattern router board.