Persistent Google recruiters suck

I think I've read this before by one or the other Linux/FOSS developers blog: Googles persistent recruitment sucks. At least I've spoken with a number of well-known developers in the community, and they all have been contacted before.

What makes the situation even more difficult is that there are apparently different recruitment teams, so sometimes they want to hire you in Australia, sometimes somewhere else. I've heard rumors that they now have a company-wide blacklist, and I've asked a number of times to not receive further recruitment mail, so I should be on that list by now.

The worst message arrived today. The particular recruiter actually _knew_ that the same department had last contacted me six months ago, and that I was completely not interested. But she was hoping that by now my mind or my job situation had changed, and that she would want to talk to me about employment options at Google.

I'm now really running out of options. I've tried to state it politely a number of times over many years that I am not interested and do not want to receive further emails. As if this wouldn't occur to me automatically, given their omnipresence in the Internet world, and their numerous previous recruitment mails, even in the case I actually was seeking employment now.

I guess I will have to try to be rude now, maybe then they think my personality wouldn't fit the company spirit. I don't know.

Just let me say that this kind of aggressive recruiting is in itself alone reason enough for me to not want to work for this company :(