DVB-T transmit in pure PC software

I recently discovered this paper about Soft-DVB, a full PC-software DVB-T transmitter, it apparently is now possible on a 1.8GHz Celeron M based system to do a full software encode/modulation of a MPEG2 transport stream onto a DVB-T compliant carrier that can be received by off-the-shelf consumer DVB-T receivers. And all this on Linux, using gnuradio and the USRP.

This is really great news, and an incredible achievement by the authors of the software, particularly Vincenzo Pellegrini.

There is one (at this time still) moot point, though: The code has not been released yet. It has been demoed at SDR related conferences, so it really exists. Vincenzo has announced on the gnuradio-discuss mailinglist that eventually it will be public - without stating some kind of date, though.

I suppose he probably has to wait until his master thesis has been finalized and approved. That should be in the order of months, not years...