Arrived in Canada for OLS again

I've just arrived in Canada for Ottawa Linux Symposium 2008. After my last visit to OLS in 2005, there were two years of intensive work that prevented me from attending the event. Last year I actually had to cancel an already accepted paper submission :(

In Year 01 post OpenMoko, I have time to visit OLS again. Unfortunately no company to pay for my travel expenses this time, but well, what can you do. Due to scheduling issues with a family celebration, I didn't know until very recently that I would be able to make it this year. Thus I happily forwarded the invitation to talk about OpenMoko to Werner. I was surprised that it's now actually one of the keynotes. Looking forward to it :)

There have been many rumors that OLS is not like what it used to be. Maybe I'm now in a good position to make up my mind about it, since I've missed two years and will be able to directly compare my memories from before with the current event.

UPDATE: Astaro has retroactively offered sponsoring my travel expenses, which is very nice of them - especially considering that I haven't been doing any netfilter/iptables related work for years.