Small update on my VIA related work

I know there are many curious readers about what is happening at VIA with regard to Free Software. There are many things that I cannot talk about, but I can still state how excited I am by my new role, and how many (some big, some mall) steps I have managed to make during the short time that I'm working with VIA now.

The last week was mainly talking to various FOSS developers that have written or are maintaining existing Linux drivers for VIA hardware, like Ethernet, I2C, SATA/RAID, AGP, DRM/DRI and others. I have been able to provide hardware reference manuals that some of them have been trying to get their hands on for a long time (even willing to sing and NDA). VIA has also starting to offer reference hardware to selected Linux developers.

I'll be back to Taipei in roughly three weeks (August 21st) and am looking forward to the many interactions with Product Managers and Developers. Meanwhile, I'll continue to have conf calls at weird times and sending tons of emails back and forth, trying to establish the right contacts, getting the right people to talk to each other, etc.

So far I have resisted the temptation to touch a lot of the code. But I think I will not be able to resist very long ;) Right now I just don't want to step onto anyones toes (and/or duplicate work), no matter whether in the community or inside VIA.