NLUUG autumn conference / Embedded Linux Conference Europe

I've been invited to be the keynote speaker of the joint NLUUG autumn conference and Embedded Linux Conference Europe.

It is a great honor to me to be the keynote speaker, and I will certainly use this chance to provide some of my insights into Embedded Linux. I feel confident to have a thorough understanding about the market (and it's many problems) due to

  • having a strong, 14 year FOSS community developer background
  • knowing how hard it is to do FOSS-only embedded hardware development (for OpenPCD, OpenBeacon, Openmoko, ...) in todays secretive hardware industry
  • having seen a wider range of embedded Linux products than most other people by reverse engineering hundreds of devices for
  • and now even knowing the chip maker perspective, after becoming VIA's Open Source Liaison

So I'm trying to point out the various problems I see in the Embedded Linux world, and how they can be addressed.

If I know you and you're planning to attend the conference: Please drop me an e-mail in advance so we can meet up, chat, have drinks, meet for dinner or the like.