Actually working on Openmoko again

It's an interesting feeling to spend some days working full-time on Openmoko again. Swisscom was stating a number of high-priority bugs (for them) which I tried to resolve.

The first two are u-boot related, namely: get GSM passthrough working again, and fix USB DFU Upload on GTA02. Those two should be doing quite fine now.

I've also been investigating possible ways to optimize CPU usage of frameworkd, although it is not yet clear which of the possible solutions should be implemented in the end

Right now I'm working on some power management related issues, mostly glamo/backlight/LCM related, as well as re-investigating the hardware-ECC work by Zecke.

However, after a significant break from _using_ the Openmoko devices and the software available for them for a number of months, I have to say that the overall experience was really disappointing.

  • Whatever Openmoko builds as their daily builds available on is the most unintuitive UI that I've ever seen (is that ASU?). After some attempts, I gave up. unusable for me.
  • FSO images can be installed, but are incredibly slow
  • Documentation in either openmoko wiki or FSO wiki is horribly outdated
  • It's _really_ hard to get devirginator running since lowlevel_foo and others are not available on, but devirginator insists on downloading them from a website rather than copying them from a local directory
  • there's a neverending fragmentation
  • core aspects of the system level have not been addressed, like replacing sysvinit with something like upstart, some serious boot speed optimizations and various power management related bits
  • Nobody has yet had the time and resources to investigate a thorough, flexible and performant storage and API subsystem for contact + related data

All this makes me really sad and gets me back to the point where I feel like when I left OpenMoko, Inc. last year: Too many insurmountable problems, and very few that can be addressed in a way that they are solved once and forever. Everyone runs their own personal little pet system, magic scripts, revision control system, overlay files, images, etc. Still too many people think OE is a tool to develop+crosscompile application programs.