FOSS.out 2008 2008 is over. The grand finale was Kalyan Varma's closing keynote on how he thinks fundamental FOSS principles are present in all aspects of his work and life, even in areas completely unrelated to FOSS such as photography and wildlife conversation.

I could not agree more to what he said. Fundamentally it is about being curious, learning how things work, cooperating with other people with mutual benefit, etc. - as I have to some extent outlined in one of my previous blog posts about reverse engineering.

One particular spin was also on Security. Having an IT security background like him, with a pretty similar FOSS culture background, I can perfectly understand and support his point of view.

As for, I think it could also not have been much better. Biggest constraints were probably the conference venue itself. Its lecture halls inevitably create a big divide between a small number of entertainers on the stage and a big auditorium. There also was a constant and severe lack of power outlets at any given time or place - to some extent again a problem with the venue.

Thanks to the Organizers, Team and the Volunteers. Well Done.