Back to Berlin

After almost one month of travels (Berlin->Paris->Bangalore->Delhi->Taipei->Delhi->Bangalore->Mumbai->Bangalore->Paris->Berlin), I'm finally back to Berlin. It always feels good to be home, and in fact I'm probably home for more than three consecutive weeks, something that doesn't happen very often.

It has been an exciting time, and I've made quite a bit of progress on both the GSM scanning side as well as on the gnufiish (Linux for E-TEN glofiish) side. Still, lots of work remains, and it's a challenge to see how much time I can spend on it.

During the next couple of weeks I'll be working on VIA related stuff. Most of it is behind-the-scenes work, but I'm also actually going to work on some actual code again. What a relief ;)

Obviously, there is also still a lot to be done on the GSM base station + GSM network front. The interested hacker might already have figured out that I'll be co-presenting with Dieter Spaar on how to run your own GSM network at the 25C3, but I'm mentioning at this blog anyway for the sake of completeness. The code will be released at the 25C3, and we'll hopefully also have some fun at the GSM hackers desk in the hack center.

With some luck, I'll be heading for Taiwan and (for the first time) Korea in January 2009. The other news about 2009 is that I'll likely spend more time than before in India.