The "Deutsche Bahn" experience

Given that I'm a person who constantly interfaces with a very international crowd and travel a lot, I used to be quite positive about the great railway system Germany had. The comfortable travel in high-speed trains, with power outlets under your seat, from one city center to another city center faster than you would ever be with an airplane. Just enter a train, sit down, hack for something like five hours straight the entire trip.

Now I know that the railway company "Deutsche Bahn" has had its fair share of trouble in recent months with technical problems and what not. But given the fact that those problems (resulting in less trains/cars being available) exist for some three months now, I would suppose that they deal with this properly

Having said that, the online ticketing and reservation system made a reservation in a car that doesn't actually exist in the train that I'm using today. So I was confident that I had a reserved seat for the five hour trip back to my family in southern Germany. What a misconception :(

How difficult can it be to update the reservation system with those trains / car numbers that actually operate? Or at least refuse to make reservations at all, if you cannot guarantee them? It would probably be a couple of SQL updates here and there in the database.

This is not the kind of quality that I expect from DB. And I won't even start to complain about the complete lack of heating in this particular car. There we are in hyper-modern, super-silent train cars at 200+ kph, in the middle of winter, without heating. Yes, I can wear a jacket, sure. But my fingers are freezing from typing at this temperature. And no, gloves + keyboard don't make a good combination. Maybe I should start bringing an electrically powered heater net time, given the fact there is a power outlet...