Preparing the second big shipping of GSM BTS

Today I've mostly been in my recently-rented warehouse to prepare the shipment of the next 13 units Siemens BS-11 microBTS

Some people are asking: Why are you doing something like renting a warehouse and taking care of shipping those heavy (48kg each) units?

The answer is simple: I care about IT security, and GSM is (just like DECT or Mifare) one of those massively-deployed systems with much too little security research going on. It has security issues that were known for probably about a decade now, with nobody working on any fix.

In order to encourage more security research (aka 'hacking') of GSM, we need to give the required tools into the hands of more people, and make sure those tools are not too expensive. The BS-11 in combination with OpenBSC will hopefully have this kind of effect: More people playing with the GSM protocols, discovering and releasing protocol as well as implementation weaknesses.

If you ever wanted to see how your mobile phone behaves when you use (in the Internet) well-known attacks such as fuzzing, projects like OpenBSC(+BS11) or OpenBTS finally put you into a position to do so.