Openmoko [again] loosing some of their key engineers

I did not want to blog about it due to my intricate knowledge of Openmoko internals and my own past within the organization. But the news has made it to the various mailing lists now anyway: Andy e.g. is now longer working for Openmoko. He has been the main Openmoko kernel and bootloader developer (and maintainer) ever since I left in November 2007.

This is really sad news. There used to be really great engineers at Openmoko some time ago, but at least a number of good, senior folks are no longer working there at this point in time, or are working on a much smaller scope for Openmoko Inc.

Sure, it is not the right way to discuss the details of every HR matter in a public way. But I would have at least expected Openmoko to use the power they have to publish a statement on what this means _before_ the news get released in an out-of-control way by rumors and hearsay. If you allow this to happen, then you subject yourself to somebody else presenting their [distorted?] view of what he believes as reality first, and you (Openmoko Inc.) get into a defensive position.