Intel (and Nokia) announces not-invented-here-syndrome

So Intel has co-announced It's clearly a sign that they are preparing themselves for times where we will see x86 SoC based smartphones or other mobile connected devices, which is good.

However, it just looks like a complete not invented here syndrome. It would be great to understand why on earth Intel did not just base on (FSO). Even if you don't want to use FSO's [current] implementations, they have spent man-years designing the d-bus based telephony API's and gathering experience with actual use cases as well as a variety of different GSM modems.

Neither on the website, nor in their announcement I can see an explanatin of "how this compares to FSO and why FSO doesn't work for us". There might be valid reasons, but they would probably do good at publicizing them. I could also not see them publicly participating at the FSO lists raising those concerns and trying to get a compromise worked out.

So rather than working with an existing community of experts in the Linux telephony field, Intel and Nokia chose to create their own project. Is it desire for control? I'm really surprised of it, and would have thought better of both companies :(