VX800/VX855 accelerated kernel framebuffer

I've been working long hours to hunt the remaining bugs in the code, but it's finally working: this branch of my git tree now contains everything needed for having 2D accelerated kernel framebuffer, i.e. fast scrolling console text without much CPU usage :)

On the way to get there, there was a lot of viafb general cleanup - but I'm afraid it is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many duplicated structure members in the code that it is hard to know which one is supposed to have the current bit of data. But right now I already have 14 pending patches that need to go mainline, I'd rather not start piling up more right now. Maybe after things have settled.

The other odd bit is that on all VX800/VX855 system that I've had access to in the last days, I cannot get the I2C / DDC to work. Not with the kernel code, not with VIA's Xorg driver, and neither with Openchrome. On the other hand, using custom hand-crafted userspace code, I can set (and read) the SDA and SCL lines on the VGA connector and take the correct voltage readings with a multimeter. So my thought was: Maybe it's working slowly, but at faster speeds there's some capacitance/termination problem? Well, even if I slow down the clock rate to 1kHz, I still don't get it working.