Free Software Foundation Europe elects new senior leaders

A couple of days ago the FSFE has announced its new president, vice president and executive team. This marks a big milestone, since the former president, Georg Greve, has been the president for more than 8 years, ever since the FSFE was conceived.

As you can reed in Georgs blog, him stepping back as president has been announced at the assembly last year, giving the organization a full year to prepare and think about potential successors.

I want to thank Georg for his dedication and exceptional work during the last years. The FSFE has played a very vital role with regard to Free Software related issues on a political level in Europe during that time. Involvement with the WIPO, the Microsoft anti-trust trial, the software patent debate, just to mention a few highlights.

When the FSFE was started, I always hoped to find some time to get personally involved and to contribute to it - but it seems that my many technical projects as well as have been draining already more time than I had.

I wish the new team all the best and hope (and expect) the FSFE will continue to play an ever-increasing role in the political debate around Free Software related issues.