Bad luck with motorbikes, episode 2342

Last night I was riding back to Hamburg (on my Fazer FZ-6) from a two-day visit to my home in Berlin. It was a pleasant ride, at least for about the first 210 kilometers. Suddenly at about 1am when I was riding at smooth 190kph (far away from full throttle), there was a sudden loss of engine power and the engine sounded as if it was running on 3 instead of four pistons. I immediately pulled over and used the conveniently placed highway exit. While I was getting slower I realized enormous amount of smoke (identified correctly engine oil that vaporized on the surface of the exhaust pipes). As soon as the clutch was pulled, the engine went off.

I then realized that a lot of oil had spilled to the rear wheel, including the tire. There was no other solution then having the bike transported to Hamburg in a van... Thinking about the possible cause, I thought of something along the lines of a blown cylinder head gasket. Arriving in Hamburg at roughly 4am in complete darkness, there was no way to dig any deeper into it.

This morning, in bright daylight I could clearly see the actual cause: An about 5x7cm wide hole in the engine case! WTF ?!?.

So it seems that suddenly, while travelling, the aluminum-cast engine case decided to blast a part off. Quite amazing. And that not at any particularly high rpm or under high load... let's see what the Yamaha mechanics will say about that.

So now I have a broken BMW F650 in Berlin and a Broken Yamaha Fazer FZ6 in Hamburg. And that in the best part of summer. *sigh*. The only remaining bike is in Taipei and not really of much use to me right now.